About This Site

About This Site

The primary intent of this site is as a showcase of my photography (obviously), but also serve as a source of information on the subjects photographed - mostly wildlife and nature in general. It is structured in a way to give easy access to these broad categories:

  • Showcase my best work. My portfolio contains a representative sample of my best work and the favourites gallery contains a more extensive selection of my favourite high quality images. The recent additions gallery allows people to easily find my latest work.
  • Provide a collection of wildlife images covering a variety of species that I have encountered over the years.
  • Serve as a partial archive of my larger image collection including short-run calendars of years past.
  • Show small collections of images and articles on specific subjects - such as the life of owls in parks and my grandmother's art.
  • Future expansion within the current framework. Allowing for such things as print and online sales.

Current Status

As of April 2023 the Calendars sections are fully populated. Portfolio and Favourites also have significant content and Recent Additions is building. Most of the Birds and Mammals pages have the layout in place but only a few sample (or placeholder) images (quite often taken from the calendar pages). The OwlsInParks structure is complete with park specific sections building slowly (Stanley Park legacy content is complete).


This site has a number of aliases, some for historical reasons, some relate to my initials (MTW), and others just aid in finding this location. They all bring you to this website. I expect to eliminate many of these in the future, but here is the current list:

mtw.photo - this is the actual location that all the aliases redirect to.

markwhite.photography - my preferred name for the site and the one to promote.

mtwPhoto.ca, mtwPhoto.com and mtwPhoto.co.uk - legacy and originally country specific.

markwhitephotograpy.ca and markwhitephotography.co.uk - helpful names for people who don't know about the newer TLDs (such as .photography). Note that I do not own the .com domain - it belongs to a "parking" company who is willing to sell but at a price I cannot afford.

markwhitephoto.ca, markwhitephoto.com and markwhitephoto.co.uk - more helpful names for people who don't know about the newer TLDs (such as .photo). In this case I do own the .com domain.

markwhitenaturephotography.ca and markwhitenaturephotography.com - originally a separate site just for Nature Photography. That project has now been rolled into this. These domains will likely be dropped in late 2023 (when due for renewal).

Other Sites and Sub-Sites

mtwhite.ca (also via mtwhite.com) - my general website - nothing there but an outdated list of these sites.
garganey.com - my dormant business site - Garganey Software, due to be retired in a few years.

stanleyparkowls.ca, owlsinthepark.ca and owlsinthepark.com - Owls of Vancouver's Stanley Park and vicinity. Now replaced with dedicated pages on this site. Redirection is automatic. This started out with the idea of tracking all my encounters with owls In Stanley Park and the vicinity.

owlsinparks.ca - originally intended to cover some of my adventures with various owl species in the parks of British Columbia's Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria. It now redirects to a dedicated page on this site (with sub-pages for individual parks, etc.).