Connections (Social Media)

Connections / Social Networks

If you want the best experience of my photography then you are already in in the right place, but like most photographers I also have a presence on many social media. If you just want to keep up to date with my photography then simply check Recent Additions on this site (not everything goes to social media).

Outlined below are my current connections and a general overview of what I post and where. For all these sites, except Vero, I post to a maximum size of 1500 pixels on the longest dimension and with a watermark (usually just my website name). For Vero I will post to a higher maximum size. Note that it is rare for me to post something on social media that is not also featured on this website (in higher resolution and without a watermark).

I would like to have chosen a common name across all sites but for various reasons that was not possible.


I really like the way Vero presents peoples' work in high resolution on the dedicated Windows and Mac clients (not so well in a browser). Its popularity rises and falls with peoples' dislike of Instagram.

Instagram -

Love it or hate it you kind of have to be there, so I am.

Facebook - MarkTWhitePhoto

This is a Facebook page dedicated to my photography. I also have a personal Facebook account but that is private to family and friends, the only public post is for direction to the photography page. I also post images to various local, national and international Facebook groups.

Twitter - Mark_T_White

This is my general Twitter account where I post images, tweet and retweet on photography and any other topics that take my interest. I still post here despite the current (2023 April) chaos.

Mastodon -

Like many people, I signed up here amidst all the Twitter chaos in 2022. I am still evaluating my presence and will likely post the same photo content as for the places above but not everything is currently duplicated here. I may expand my presence in a manner similar to my current Twitter identity - the jury is till out on that one (2023 April).

Post - markwhite

This is really the same story as for Mastodon - my tactics are the same. Once the dust settles from Elongate I will revisit my presence on all three of the sites.

Flickr - unkram

The original photo sharing platform - I still maintain a presence here and wish the site well. I have been there since 2011 and used to (infrequently) post higher resolution images mostly without a watermark. Since 2021 I have followed the same policy as for social media in general - max dimension of 1500 and a watermark of some description.

LinkedIn - mtwhite

Included here for completeness. I rarely post to LinkedIn - that may change when I eventually retire from software engineering and pivot more time to photography.


There are links to all these on the site's main menu (except for Post).

For the most part I replicate all my social media posts on Vero, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr - so if you have a preferred location you need not check them all. Currently not everything is sent to Mastodon and Post. Please let me know your preferences so I can adjust my tactics for the future.

If you feel that I am missing a relevant host then please let me know what and why you think I should be there.