Stanley Park Owls - Intro

Barred Owl nest cavity with adult and young

Stanley Park Owls - an Introduction

Many years ago I created a website called OwlsInThePark (later StanleyParkOwls) with the purpose of describing my encounters with the owls of Vancouver's most famous park. Mostly, but not exclusively, Barred Owls.

It was intended to follow the various pairs of owls throughout each year as they raised their families.

"After many years of watching owls in Stanley Park I now have quite a collection of photos along with much information on their territories and family life. So I decided to document some of it - which led to the site you now have before you."

That project was too large to manage and was never really completed, but still had lots of valuable information. So rather than waste all the data, I have reformatted key pieces and included them in this website. Many of the photographs of owls taken though the years will eventually be included in the Owls gallery found elsewhere on this site.

Further information can be found under the Stanley Park Owls menu on this site.

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The transformation is now complete and the two sites mentioned at the top of this page will simply bring you here.

There was also confusion with a UK football (soccer) team called the Owls (they have a park, apparently).