Stanley Park Owls - When to Visit

Barred Owl nest cavity with adult and young

Stanley Park Owls - When to Visit

It is illegal to feed wildlife in Stanley Park - subject to heavy fines.

I hope the information on this site has generated curiosity about the owls in Stanley Park, or perhaps in parkland local to where you live. You may even be planning your own "owl prowl". If so, then I would like to offer some advice...

First, check the Conduct and Safety page for some tips on safely watching owls.

During the summer months you do not have to venture out at night to have a good chance of seeing owls. At this time they will have young mouths to feed, so late afternoon can be an excellent time to go. June through August is probably the peak time.

You do not need to venture off the trails - owls know that humans feed wildlife either deliberately or by carelessness, bringing squirrels, rats etc. to the trails. So they typically sit in trees near well travelled human routes. Of course you should not feed the owls - they are here to eat the critters that you may be feeding!

You may want to join your local Nature or Ecology Society - many will have regular nature tours - an excellent way to enjoy our wildlife, safe in the knowledge that you are causing no harm.

Finally, I will of course be glad to hear of your observations of these intriguing creatures see contact information on the main menu.