Mark T. White

Mark White

Photo courtesy of Peter Woods, from my time living in Vancouver, BC.

Nature Photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Most of my free time is spent photographing nature - typically birds, but also other wildlife and landscapes.

Originally an Astronomer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory in England. Since moving to Canada in my twenties my working life has been as a software developer, including work on the first Electronic Picture Desk and later Digital Asset Management (DAM) software.

About This Site

The primary intent is for a showcase of my photography (obviously), but also serve as a source of information on the subjects photographed - mostly wildlife and nature in general. It is structured in a way to give easy access to these broad categories:

  • Showcase my best work. My portfolio contains a representative sample of my best work and the favourites gallery contains a more extensive selection of my favourite high quality images. The recent additions gallery allows people to easily find my latest work. This organization will be simplified in early 2024.
  • Provide a collection of wildlife images covering a variety of species that I have encountered over the years.
  • Serve as a partial archive of my larger image collection of (mostly) Nature photography.
  • Future expansion within the current framework. Allowing for such things as print and online sales.

Current Site Status

As of November 2023 the Portfolio and Favourites have significant content and Recent Additions is building. Most of the Birds and Mammals pages have the layout in place but relatively a few  images.  Many images that came from calendars need recaptioning.